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The Scale of the Problem

The Current State of Scale Management in Southeastern Peach Production— A Summary from 2017 Southeast Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference Presentation

San Jose scale (SJS), Comstockaspis perniciosus (Comstock), is an herbivorous insect pest that infests an enormous variety of plants worldwide, and is currently one of the most distressing pests of peach production in the southeastern U.S.  San Jose scale is an indirect pest of peach, normally feeding on plant tissues, which can cause leaf chlorosis, twig or limb die-back, and even death of trees.  As the populations build, SJS can become a direct pest by feeding on fruit, which produces small, red lesions on the skin (See Figure 1).  Young trees can die within three years of heavy infestation and mature trees have drastically reduced vigor and yields, potentially reducing the productive lifespan of an orchard. Read More…