PUBLISHER’S INTRODUCTION: Harvest— It’s What’s on the Table

In this edition of The Peach News, there are a lot of topics on the table, but the one thing at top of mind for everyone now— and the most important theme surrounding the topics of this issue— is the harvest.

At the time of publication, Florida peach orchards have been picking for a few weeks, and consumers have started to see them on fresh produce shelves.  There’s no doubt that Florida is still a small crop, but for the price, the business opportunity is certainly there.  You can learn more about where Florida stands compared to other industries on page 19, where we provide the most recent data available on the southeastern peach industry from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).  You can also read more about our thoughts on the business opportunities surrounding this data on the website,

In addition, when you dive in to some of the articles within these pages, you’ll read about the following:

  • Georgia researches assess the lack of chill from the recent fall and winter, and what that means for field management right now.
  • Initial data on water needs for young trees in the southeast, which provides insight specific to our regional growing practices.
  • Plus, one grower in Georgia offers his thoughts on the season and what his family agribusiness is doing in light of recent challenges.

If you are a peach grower, and wish to receive this publication at your business or home, your subscription is free.  So, make sure to fill out the subscription form on page 12 and return.  As you are busy with the harvest, I wish you the best, and hope for optimum weather conditions for the remainder of the season.