New Business Development Opportunity for Peach Industry Experts

The Central Florida Media Group attends many trade shows throughout the year.  Several months ago, we attended a very successful citrus trade show. The exhibit hall was sold out.  A vast majority of the vendors were selling plant nutrition solutions.  As I walked around the exhibit hall floor, I couldn’t help but notice many of the vendors had spent a significant amount of time and resources developing sales materials and booth exhibits, but traffic to their booths was almost non-existent.

One vendor complained, “I just don’t understand it . . . we’re not getting any traffic to our booth.”   Located next to the Central Florida Media Group booth was a firm that marketed plant nutrition products to the citrus industry for many decades.  Both their exhibit booth and their marketing materials were simple and their website was little more than a directory of their office locations.   Yet traffic to their booth was very steady throughout the two-day event as customers and prospects stopped by to say hello, schedule appointments, and place orders.  As far as I could tell, their products were no better or worse than the solutions that other vendors were struggling to sell on the same exhibit floor.

One of the most frequent topics of conversations we have with companies that come to the Central Florida Media Group for marketing help centers around the concept of positioning their products and company.  For many firms this is a very scary concept.  Positioning means focusing your marketing efforts on smaller audiences often at the expense of larger audiences.  You can be a light bulb and shoot light in all directions, or concentrate light into a laser beam and cut through steel.

I can’t tell you how many times clients have told us “our product works on all crops . . . the product increases fruit set and size, reduces foliar diseases, stimulates plant immune systems, increases nutrient uptake, and promotes a robust root system.”  Sound familiar?   For many growers these are no longer benefits – they are expectations.  Almost every plant nutrition firm communicates the same marketing message.  Apple founder Steve Jobs summed it up best –  “To me, marketing is about values,” he said. “This is a very complicated world, a very noisy world and we’re not going to get the chance to get people to remember us. No company is. So we have to be very clear about what we want people to know about us.”

Let’s rewind to our discussion about the trade show vendors.  What did our exhibit booth neighbor understand about marketing that many of the other exhibitors failed to recognize?   They focused on doing one thing better than anybody else.  They realized their value proposition to their customers doesn’t have as much to do with the features and benefits of their products as it does with the expertise they bring to the table from years of working closely with other citrus growers.

The southeast peach industry has its own unique set of challenges.  Peach growers struggle with a lot of difficult challenges, but if they get it right there is an enormous upside potential.  Growers can find solutions everywhere.  But what they really need is expertise – a trusted advisor who can consult on best production practices and steer them away from risk.

Southeast Peach Production at a Glance

(See if you can spot the opportunities)

Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Florida
Acres of Production 10,000 14,000 1200 1300
Production Measured in Tons 40.6 68.9 5.4 3.5
Prices Received Measured in $/Ton $1,040 $1,070 $1,320 $2,666
Value (Million $) $42,224 $73,723 $7,128 $9,331
Source: USDA NASS Survey – Year 2015
Estimates based on US IFAS Stats

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