Hot Topics in the Orchard

Last edition, we were all holding on to the hope that Mother Nature would bless us with just the right combination of dry, wet, and cold over the course of the fall and winter. As we continue head long into winter, there’s no doubt what’s at the forefront of everyone’s minds: chill hours (or the lack thereof), and the effects of the El Niño weather pattern on our farms.  In this edition of The Peach News, we have an informative line up of relevant articles, research findings, developments, and resources for you. Here’s the rundown of the must-reads:

  • Some interesting results from a study about peach irrigation practices in an El Niño year, which was spearheaded by Mercy Olmstead with the University of Florida.
  • Don’t miss the “Peach Notes” in this edition, which addresses how changes coming down from the Worker Protection Standardfor Agricultural Pesticides (WPS) will affect you this season and going forward.
  • Check out the article on chill hours, where University of Georgia Extension Agent with Taylor and Peach Counties Jeff Cook makes some insightful observations.
  • Florida growers should be sure to read the article about the program alled “Participant Pathway to Peaches” offered by FDACS, which will get your peaches certified for shipment to Texas.
  • Also, make sure to read the update on funding for Armillaria rootrot research and the continued efforts by Clemson University to find solutions for this disease.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we’ve included tables from the Peach Guide on management strategies from delayed dormancy to bloom. We hope you enjoy this edition, and remember, if you are a grower and would like to receive this publication for free to your farm or residence ,just fill out and mail the subscription form on page 12. Thanks for reading The Peach News!