Editor’s Note: Helping Growers Manage Troublesome Diseases

celeste-sig-tpnOVER THE SUMMER, a workshop was hosted by the Clemson University Musser Fruit Research Center. During the workshop, about 100 attendees were able to learn more about peach-growing practices and what techniques will aid them in management of troublesome diseases, such as bacterial spot and brown rot.

qr-diseasesThese major diseases can have detrimental effects on a peach crop if not managed properly, which is why workshops such as these offer orchardists a way to stay ahead of these challenges. Ksenija Gasic, a peach breeder at Clemson, was one of the presenters at the workshop discussing these diseases. She gave an update on the development of new peach varieties that are more resistant to these diseases and possess a superior horticultural quality. Since there is no truly effective chemical treatment for bacterial spot, the best defense is a good offense — with resistant varieties.

Meanwhile, Guido Schnabel, a plant pathologist at Clemson, presented to attendees on the importance of controlling brown rot. If not managed properly, this disease can have devastating results on a peach crop. For resources and more information about these disease, commercial growers should have the appropriate MyIPM smartphone application. Scan the QR code here with your smartphone for more information about these apps and how to download to your smart device.



Celeste Jo Walls is managing editor of The Peach News. She may be reached by e-mail at celeste.walls@centralfloridamediagroup.com.