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Editor’s Note: Don’t Make These Three U-Pick Season Mistakes

Don’t Make These Three U-Pick Season Mistakes

While Florida is having an “okay” peach season, Georgia and other growers in the deep south are grappling with the after effects of a lackluster chill-hour accumulation during the fall, compounded by a late freeze, and a current drought— basically your perfect storm for harvest season complications. Read More…


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Assessing the Data for New Business Development Opportunities in the Peach Industry

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Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Florida
Acres of Production 10,000 14,000 1,200 1,300
Production Measured in Tons 40.6 68.9 5.4 3.5
Prices Received Measured in $/Ton $1,040 $1,070 $1,320 $2,666
Value (Million $) $42,224 $73,723 $7,128 $9,331
Source: USDA NASS Survey – Year 2015
Estimates based on US IFAS Stats

Topic of the Season

Orchard Management— From Pre- to Post-Harvest

Information can be found at the 2017 Southeastern Peach, Nectarine and Plum Pest Management and Culture Guide found at  This publication is intended for use only as a guide.  Specific rates and application methods are on the pesticide label, and these are subject to change at any time.  Always refer to and read the pesticide label before making any application!  The pesticide label supersedes any information contained in this guide, and it is the legal document referenced for application standards. Read More…


PUBLISHER’S INTRODUCTION: Harvest— It’s What’s on the Table

In this edition of The Peach News, there are a lot of topics on the table, but the one thing at top of mind for everyone now— and the most important theme surrounding the topics of this issue— is the harvest.

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Peach Notes

How the National Peach Council is Working for the Industry in 2017

The mission and activities of the National Peach Council (NPC) have benefitted the industry since 1946 when it was formed by peach growers across the country to serve as a united voice for them.  While it’s priorities have evolved over the years, it continues to focus on the needs and issues impacting the industry.    Read More…