Attention Georgia Growers: Mark Your Calendars for this Event

Whether it’s a roundtable, conference, trade show, or field tour, we make it a priority to keep
our ear to the ground for any relevant and timely events for peach growers in the Southeast.
While I’m sure some of you were able to attend the Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable
Conference held in January, (and gained a lot of insight from it), there’s another event of a more
intimate and timely nature around the corner for Georgia growers.
The Middle Georgia Peach Update is being held on February 20 at 10 a.m. Growers will be
meeting at the USDA Fruit and Tree Nut Research Lab, located at 21 Dunbar Road in Byron, GA.
If you have any questions about the agenda of the update, you can contact Jeff Cook, the UGA
county extension coordinator for Peach and Taylor counties at (478) 862-5496 or email
If you are aware of a peach-related event in your area that would benefit your fellow growers,
let us know and we will share it on our website at