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PUBLISHER’S INTRODUCTION: Harvest— It’s What’s on the Table

In this edition of The Peach News, there are a lot of topics on the table, but the one thing at top of mind for everyone now— and the most important theme surrounding the topics of this issue— is the harvest.

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Peach Notes

How the National Peach Council is Working for the Industry in 2017

The mission and activities of the National Peach Council (NPC) have benefitted the industry since 1946 when it was formed by peach growers across the country to serve as a united voice for them.  While it’s priorities have evolved over the years, it continues to focus on the needs and issues impacting the industry.    Read More…


The Importance of Water for a Young Orchard

Study on Irrigating Fledgling Peach Plants in the Southeastern United States Shows Interesting Initial Results

Another year has started and peach trees that were planted early this season are starting to grow actively.  Every time that we visit young orchards, the trees are bigger and bigger.  However, it is also important to know that the season is unfortunately starting with a drought across the southeastern U.S. (see figure 1).  What does this mean for these young preach trees? Read More…



Georgia Researchers and Specialists Provide Recommendations for What’s Happening Now in the Orchard

This is definitely going to be remembered as one of the most difficult years in peach production in the Southeastern U.S.  Lack of chill and a late freeze have done their part.  Now, it is time to decide what to do with the trees that are still not coming along as they should. Read More…


Georgia Orchardist’s Perspective

Lawson Peaches Focuses on Agritourism and Other Diversification to See the Farm Through Recent Challenges


It’s been a difficult season for peach growers, and Irvin Lawson can attest to that.  Lawson Peaches has been growing peaches in Morven, Georgia since 1961, and Lawson says he’s never seen a year like this.

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